Overall Purpose:

Reduce the number of “avoidable” divorces for the sake of happier couples, children, and communities, by educating visitors on the latest in divorce research (an unstated though overarching purpose). Hence the website needs to be subtle, yet powerful.

Intermediate Goal:

Become the “Go-To” on-line resource for those who have not yet divorced, are thinking about it (or their spouse is), but who also are looking for the “Facts” about how divorce might affect individuals, spouses, children, family finances, extended families, and the broader community.

Website Components:

  • Divorce Q&A’s
  • Latest Research/Trends
  • “Thinking About It” Exercises
  • Divorce “In the News”
  • On-Line Resources
  • Links to Experts
  • Newsfeed
  • About
  • Contact
  • Divorce Books/Articles Library
  • Future Blog Capability
  • Future Testimonials of “Helped” Couples

Longer-Term Goals:

  • Become means of communication between “veterans” who have been helped by the website and “rookies” who are just now at the “divorce crossroads”
  • Become a resource for divorce scholars, counselors, and ministers/priests who are looking to expand their knowledge of the field
  • Become a favorite “publishable” site for divorce experts who want to provide cutting-edge information and research to couples in crisis
  • Host Divorce Education Conferences that bring the resources of the website to particular communities
  • Partner with national marketing experts to help develop a national campaign to reduce divorce through public education, media messaging, and on-going research