Hanging On or Moving On?

Most individuals who say they are unhappy in their marriage, but have decided to hang on for a few years, end up saying that they are happy again. This exercise is designed to help you think about hanging on as a possible option for you. Of course, we realize that some people don’t have a choice; their spouse is insisting on a divorce.


What are some reasons for hanging on and trying to make things work out? List them here:

Are there some reasons why it might not be wise to hang on and try to make things work out? List them here:

What are the stresses on or within your marriage that are making things difficult? Consider both inside stresses (e.g., kids demand a lot of time) and outside stresses (e.g., demanding job, financial pressures)? Then think about whether those stresses are likely to change in a positive way over the next few years? Are there things you could do to reduce those stresses?

What is the stress? How likely is it to change? What could you do to reduce the stress?

What have you learned from thinking about these issues? What do you think will happen if you hang on for the next few years and try and make things work? Write down your thoughts here:

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